Lemon Thyme Pickled Fiddleheads & Devil’s Club Tincture

With both fiddleheads and devil’s club mostly done, but still with possible tiny pockets left to pick, I wanted to throw a couple more little things up here.

Some of the fiddleheads April and I picked turned into side dishes.  A perfect accompaniment to a lamb roast that Andrew massaged and marinated with the nettles chimichuri (holy smokes was that good).


Marinating the lamb in nettles.


A delicious plate.

I also decided to pickle my fiddleheads using April’s preferred combo: lemon and thyme.

Last year I made a devil’s club simple syrup which smelled great, but didn’t really come out as devil’s cluby as I wanted.  In order for a drink to have a devil’s club taste you had to use too much syrup so that you wound up with a very sweet drink.  Using a little bit of the syrup meant that you had the smell, but not the taste.  So this year I decided to do a tincture to try and get a more concentrated devil’s club flavor and smell into the drinks.

Lemon Thyme Fiddlehead Pickles


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