So Fresh and So Clean Clean

My favorite kind of sushi is the kind that sparkles in your mouth. Nothing heavy, greasy, or sticky involved. Seong’s Sushi here in Juneau makes my perfect roll, the Seong Roll: Fresh Salmon, Tuna, Avocado, Cucumber, and Tobico.

Last night I didn’t feel like going out to eat, but I wanted to make something with that same taste. I wanted something cool and refreshing, but still satisfying. Something slightly sweet but with the same good bite of wasabi.

I wound up with a

Shrimp and Cucumber Noodle Salad.

1 Pound Wild Alaskan Spot Prawns, boiled and then cooled
Half a packet of Maifun Noodles (thin rice noodles), soaked and then cooled
Half a bunch of spinach, shredded
Half an English Cucumber, diced
Half a bunch of green onions

Tossed in a dressing made with:
Equal parts Soy sauce and Safflower Oil
Dash of Toasted Sesame Oil
Scoop of Wasabi Mustard
Dash of Lime Juice
Dash of Sushi Rice Dressing (The sweet stuff you put on sushi rice before use)
Splash of Rice Wine Vinegar

This made a nice big bowl of salad which was enough for both Andrew and I to have seconds and for me to bring a fair amount to work today for lunch.

Andrew ate for a couple of minutes and said “Just so you know, I could eat this every night for dinner and be very happy.”

Me too.

I get REALLY nervous when making food up on the go. Andrew can confirm. I usually say “I hope this works out” about a thousands times before the plate goes on the table. Lately though, things have been working out. I plan on making this again, and soon.

4 thoughts on “So Fresh and So Clean Clean

  1. Erin, way to go! I am always thinking and talking about food, although I cook a lot less than I should. I hope I can remember to check this out from time to time.

  2. Can’t wait to try it!! MmmMm..

    But what is this sushi rice dressing?! What brand/label? Maybe I know what it is.. but can’t remember!!

    (I don’t eat a whole lot of seafood in Texas as you can imagine..)

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